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Why Choose Songworthy?

I know what it’s like to hurt, to struggle. And when I look back at what carried me through my darkest moments, it usually wasn’t a book, a prescription, or a motivational speech. It was the right song at the right time. When I was at a loss for words & when it seemed like nobody understood what I was going through… music was able to reach me in a way that words couldn’t.

The lyrics & melody of another human pouring out their soul for it to resonate with someone else brought me the perspective & the peace I needed to press on. Maybe you’re here because there is someone you care about so deeply, but struggle to tell them how you really feel, and what you see in them. Or maybe you know someone who is hurting & want to encourage them in a way bigger than you could ever dream of.

That’s why I started Songworthy — to help others give hope & healing to the hurting. And I’d be honored to come alongside you on your journey.

-Brady Winder, Songworthy Founder

How it Works

1. Share Your Thoughts

We'll guide you step-by-step with easy questions & prompts that make it easy for you to get a tailored, one-of-a-kind song.

2. Write & Record

Based on your selections, we'll pair you with the perfect musician for your project. They'll get to work writing & recording your song.

3. Delivered

Within just 7 days of ordering, you'll get the opportunity to wow someone by sharing a song written just for them.

How a Custom Song Can Help


Depression & Anxiety

Let someone know what you see in them — that they are more than their struggle.

Mending Relationships

Mending relationships

Turn misunderstandings into harmonious new beginnings.


Loss, Funerals & Memorials

Acknowledge what's missing & bring comfort to a hurting heart.

Health Challenges

Health Challenges

Provide hope, healing, and encouragement to a loved one's soul.

What Others Are Saying

After the sudden and tragic death of my father, my mom was in a dark place of grief and purposelessness. I contacted Songworthy to see if a song might reach her. Oh wow, they delivered. The song was beautiful and it highlighted her value, reasons to find meaning and the beauty of what she still has. Her reaction was so moving as she heard it the song for the first time as the music allowed a message to reach into the numbness and grief. I still catch her listening to the song to this day as it continues to uplift her and carry her through. Thank you for ministering through lyrics and music to a place that nothing else could go.
Tim S Songworthy Testimonial
Tim S.
"Brady Winder is one of the few genuine and authentic people left in this world. He's a pleasure to work with and knows his way around a guitar rig, including pedals and amps. He has meticulously curated a collection of tones and ideas that he incorporates into his music."
Austin D Songworthy Testimonial
Austin D.
"I have known Brady for years and he has always been able to help me in the music aspects of recording! I don’t know much about recording/tracking, but I asked him to cut me songs for an employee talent show and they came out amazing and clean! Also, he’s a great guitar player and knows how to lead a band properly, as I know from experience being led by him in a worship band setting."
Josh E Songworthy Testimonial
Josh E.
Brady Winder Musician Songworthy

Brady Winder

Brady draws inspiration from a wide variety of styles, ranging from acoustic singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran & John Mayer to ambient soundscapes & spoken word poetry. His warm & smooth yet slightly raspy voice has a welcoming presence that blends well with acoustic guitar. 

He’s been writing music for over 14 years, and producing & recording music for 10 years. He graduated from The Recording Conservatory of Austin in 2014, where he honed his craft for bringing stories to life through music. He also happens to be the co-founder of Songworthy!

Jess Scheller Songworthy musician square

Jess Scheller

Music and songwriting have always been among the major core aspects of Jess’s life. Born into a family who prioritized music in their home, as well as honesty, much of the value of her songwriting is grounded in authenticity, as are her vocals.

She has been greatly influenced by the grit and transparency heard in jazz, RnB, soul, and gospel music. She has always been rooted in the understanding that music deeply moves people and, through Songworthy, continues to stoke her passion for using this transcendent form of communication for others, herself, and God.

Meet Your

We believe your song should be an authentic connection.

That’s why we hand-select musicians that align with our mission & values, and who are as passionate about making a difference as they are pursuing their craft.

Satisfaction Guranteed

Rest assured that when you purchase a one-of-a-kind song through Songworthy, it will be everything you’d hoped for. We do this by carefully guiding you through the song creation process, ensuring you’re paired with a professional musician that is uniquely suited for your story, and include a lyric revision at no extra charge.

We stand behind every song we create because we understand that the person we’re writing it for matters to you most.— and we’re here to make the experience unforgettable.