How Does Songworthy Work?

Choosing Songworthy means we make it easy to share your story, get paired with one of our musicians who specializes in songs of hope & encouragement, and have a studio-quality audio recording delivered to you in 7 days for just $229.

1. Share Your Thoughts

We’ll guide you step-by-step with a few easy questions and prompts that makes it easy for you to tell us about the person, so we know exactly how to tailor a one-of-a-kind song no matter their situation.

You don’t need to be a songwriter – leave the heavy lifting to us!

woman submitting custom song through songworthy

2. We Write & Record

Once you’ve shared your story & preference on sound and the type of singer, we’ll pair you with the perfect musician for your project. You’ll also get a chance to review the details before submitting your song request.

Once you purchase the song for just $229, your musician will get to work writing & recording a custom song that’s uniquely crafted for the person you’ve chosen. We’ll also mix and master you song to ensure it’s studio-quality!

3. Your Song is Delivered!

In just 7 days after ordering, you’ll receive your custom song via email! You’ll have the opportunity to review the lyrics for any minor changes and make sure you absolutely love the song. Bring on the happy tears! Emotional Embrace


The “Signature Songworthy Sound” focuses on what’s most important in a melody — intimate singer-songwriter style songs with male or female vocals on acoustic guitar that resonate emotionally. We’ll expand in the future with piano and other musicians!

Only $229. When you consider alternative methods like hiring a musician and recording studio, it’s easy to rack up hundreds of dollars on un-guaranteed results. When you choose Songworthy, you’re partnering with a team of musicians who specialize in writing songs of hope, all mixed to professional standards in an actual recording studio.

Our musicians pour their heart and soul into your song, but we know sometimes you’d like to make a small tweak. Our satisfaction guarantee allows you to easily request 1 revision (including up to 3 lines of lyrics and any mispronunciations) of any purchased & completed song, within 48 hours of it being delivered to you.

In the rare occasion that you’d like complex changes to the song we’ve created for you, we can typically accommodate reasonable requests for an additional cost and will work with you and the musician to make sure you love your song.

It takes up to seven calendar days to create your original song. Once your purchase your song, we’ll work with your artist to make sure your song is delivered within just 7 days!

Healing is only one harmony away.

Give someone the gift of encouragement through by choosing the “Songworthy Signature Sound.”